Classic Car Exhausts

We offer a very comprehensive service, we have undoubtedly the most complete list of books, stock cards and guides that enable us to look at the exact part that you require and find it, our stock list of classic car exhausts is endless.

exhaustsnos1150If we don’t have the exhaust you require, which is very rare, we can make it for you in mild or stainless steel. Just take a look at our photos to give yourself a small inkling of the volumes of exhaust we have. All our systems are new old stock (NOS) and NOT secondhand. exhaustsnos2150You will not find a larger stock of genuine new old stock of exhausts anywhere else in the UK, possibly Europe for British cars. Our stock lists cover all makes and models of British cars, including Austin, Ford, Morris, Vauxhall, the list is endless.

We also offer a service where we can have an exhaust tailor made to your specification, which is a common request for customised/modified classics or kit cars. We also have a large selection of manifolds, exhausts gaskets, and anything else you could require.

We also hold a large stock of British, European and Japanese exhaust's New/Old (NOS) and have hundreds of pattens and jig's for the manuufacture of exhaust systems.

Remember, there is a strong possibility that we will have a genuine new old stock system for your car, now, how many stockists can say that.


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